Heal the past to heal in present

In research and therapy it gets more and more  clear that the human being is in possession of something, that we may call SOUL. It was there before we were born and it will continue to be after we die.

In western science, the hypothesis of a soul has so far found little support. However, in cultures believing in reincarnation, the application of past life regression is widespread. From there an ever greater flood of reports reaches us that show what the healing power of the soul is capable of.

For many people in the West, the idea of being reborn again and again is a tough nut to crack. For centuries we were shaped by the belief that there is a heaven, a hell and maybe a purgatory after we die and that’s it.

Perhaps there was no ill intention on the part of christianity to withhold from the “common people” the knowledge of reincarnation, which was certainly shared in the inner circle of the vatican.

Perhaps they believed that the people would simply be overwhelmed with the knowledge of karmic laws and the mechanism of rebirth.

Be that as it may, the time of christian guardianship is over and we are advancing with scientific means and worldwide collaboration into areas that reach the essence of man. Now is the time that we enter the realm of the soul.

What is reincarnation? And how does karma work?

In order to understand how past life regression works, I have to explain the fundamental concepts of reincarnation first.

The church was not wrong to the extent that man was created in the image of God. It may be hard to believe nowadays when you see how destructive and cruel man can be.

And yet: In us there is a kind of consciousness that exists beyond time and space and to which we can get access.

This consciousness has been walking on earth since the beginning of time and gathers experiences so it can grow and develop further.

We find this awareness in all people’s hearts. There it has it´s home and it is commonly referred to as SOUL.

Spirituality says that it is our task to connect with the soul and to become one with her energy and power.

When we do that, we realize that we are all one, that hatred and envy only separate us from our divine core, and that love alone has the power to lead us to the best possible version of ourselves.

In order to be able to walk this path, our soul has to gain experience.

So she may decide to live a life as a king or an influential politician who has to make big and difficult decisions. In the next life she learns what it is like to be dependent on the decisions of the authorities or the government as a simple citizen.

In another life she leads a modest but very happy life with a wife / husband and children. In the next, as a successful businessman, she is constantly dissatisfied and depressed, although she is incredibly rich.

The variety of lessons that we humans learn on this earth is almost endless. The big question here is: Are we able to learn from these lessons and become better and better people from life to life?

Seen in this way, life is nothing but a big school. When we master the karmic challenges, we move on to the next class and are allowed to face the next major challenges.

With every mastered challenge , the soul grows, gains in joy and the ability to love and comes closer to her personal mastery.

But at every level there is a risk of “stumbling”. For the greater the influence we have in a life, the greater the temptation to use it for a selfish purpose.

If we damage ourselves and others by misusing our potentials, we may create a kind of “soul theme” and have to incarnate again and again in a similar situation until we come out of it brilliantly.

This does not happen out of punishment but out of the free will of our soul. Karma is therefore nothing to be afraid of. Karma is our very personal curriculum that helps us to move from one level to the next.

Therefore: Without karma, no soul development and soul growth!

past life regression

Past life regression as karma work

Usually we cannot remember our previous life times. This fact also has advantages: The fears and terrors in previous life does not burden our present life.

If we were to bring all the memories of our soul journey with us into this life, the extent of the impressions would overwhelm us. That is not what man is made for. In this life, too, we only remember most of our experiences for quite a  short time.

So we can put traumatic experiences from previous incarnations on a hold for some time and start a new life fresh and free.

However, the soul never forgets. She waits for the proper moment and then resumes her unfinished work.

This may not be possible in a life of war and poverty. However, in a later life, when there is peace and prosperity, even a small accident can “wake up” a previous life. Even a slight head injury in a car accident can cause headaches that will last a lifetime. The car accident may have been a reminder to the soul that there was once – maybe 300 years ago – a fatal blow to the head after which she died in a shock and could never come to terms with it.

I give an other example in my blog article past life regression. There I write about a young man who developes a pronounced anxiety disorder as a result of cannabis overuse. In our work we travel back into a past life of his and there we find the root cause of his anxiety.

Lucky and wise souls have the opportunity to consciously prepare for their next incarnation. And often they don´t do that on their own.

Often it happens that two or more souls agree to meet again in order to break a karmic bond that has hindered their growth for many lifes.

Though we may have done a good preperation work beforehand, things may turn out much more difficult down here.

One main problem is, that we completly forgot what the original plan was.

In such cases, past life regression may work wonders. It enables us to understand the karmic connection with the current situation. A good therapist can help loosen the karmic bonds and heal the soul´s wounds.

This enables us to accept our (mostly self-chosen) challenges and restart our soul-growth.

How does past life regression work?

Every therapist has his or her own style.

Years ago it was common to use hypnosis to search for impressions from past lives. However, this approach is now considered obsolete.

In a hypnotic induction the therapist guides the process. He lets the client go deeper and deeper into the subconscious and thus leads him into a previous life.

The problem here is: If the root of the problem is not in the past life, the whole process goes on wrong track. We may fail to recognise an inner child that feels lost and conpletly traumatised!

Therefore it is of utmost importance that we let Soul-Awareness take over. In my practice, I hardly ever arrange a past-life session in advance. It tempts you to satisfy your own curiosity instead of solving the problem.

How can our soul guide us? With the right approach, it can be done so easily that it is hard to believe. And even after all these years it am still amazed and touched every time this happens.

Mostly we begin the session by focusing on the “emotional charge” of the client. It is this focus that opens the portal. One or two more questions and a specific command to jump back in time and space gives us access to the experiences that are decisive for today’s problem.

It is this principle of “jumping” that underlies regression therapy (also simply called regression). Seen that way it is a technique that can lead us to a past life.

Suppose, after jumping, our client finds himself in the middle of a traumatic past life experience. He sees what is going on in the situation and can also feel what he felt then.

It is necessary to remember the feelings and thoughts in order to finally be able to put them aside and transform them later.

If the impressions are too strong, the client can take some distance from what is happening and continue his observation.

So it’s like in a 4D movie in which we can regulate the stimuli that affect us.

Our client travels through those past experiences and in the end he even recognizes the connections between his previous life and today’s problems.

For example, it becomes clear to him that a fear of depth stems from a traumatic fall to his death, or that he has already brought the current depression with him from a bleak past as a mendicant monk.

At this point, the therapist’s qualities are required. Because simply reliving and recognizing connections does not make the therapy work. Techniques such as energy work, systemic clarification or trauma work aare essential to heal the clients soul.

Once the past life has been dealt with and all lost soul parts have been reintegrated, the current life of the client will defenitely change. And this often surprisingly fast.


When a past life regression is NOT recommended

There is a kind of sequence in the therapeutic work that should not be confused. For example, an injured inner child always has priority over a work with previous lives.

Of course, everything has a reason. So the injury to the inner child also has a reason that goes further back. However, the most obvious events should always be processed first.

It would be carelessness towards the inner child to ignore it just to catch a glimpse of a previous life.

And that is exactly what many self-proclaimed spiritual people do. It is easier to justify your own negligence and weaknesses with fantasies of past lives than to face the hard, immediate past.

That is why we always let the client’s soul-consciousness decide where to go.

In this way, those events that are relevant for our soul journey open up by themselves, and that in the right sequence.

Other exclusion criteria are mental disorders that prevent realistic everyday perception. These disorders include delusions, paranoid disorders, and schizophrenia.

The reason why past life regression cannot be used in these situations is quite simple. On the one hand, you need a healthy understanding of reality and on the other hand there should be a capacity for abstraction that is not mixing with our day to day perceptions.

These two levels become blurred in clients with psychotic illnesses. They can no longer differentiate between their abstraction and reality and therefore give the therapist unclear feedback.

In most of these cases, psychiatric support is essential.


Past life regression is still a very young discipline and its limits are still do be discovered.

Whether with depression, anxiety disorders, physical illnesses or relationship problems: All these manifestations of soul-injury can have their origin in a previous life.

As long as the client is able to think clearly, i.e. does not suffer from pronounced delusions or severe schizophrenia, this new form of soul healing can help many many people.

So it’s absolutely worth a try!

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