In psychology, it is undisputed that the experiences in our childhood have a great influence on our further life.

It is not uncommon for early traumatic experiences to later lead to emotional blocks or even physical illness.

They are a cry for help from our inner child who is looking for its way out of the darkness.

So let´s help it out!

When we think of traumatic events in childhood, we usually think of sexual abuse or domestic violence.

Such experiences can destroy our soul and often lead to profound illnesses such as borderline or schizophrenia.

Those illnesses mostly need to be treated stationary and through medication.

But even less traumatic events are able to affect our lives considerably. Here is an example:

What is an inner child?

The following case was reported by Trisha Caentano, a very dear colleague of mine. It describes the mechanisms of our inner child work very clearly:

A client comes to her practice. He has difficulties in finding a partner. Although he is very successful in his job and earns a lot of money, he becomes deeply insecure as soon as a woman approaches him. Also he seemed to have lost contact to his emotions and deeper feelings.

Now, being almost 40 years of age, he wanted to start a family and that seemed impossible.

Trisha led him back to that time and place when the connection to his feelings was lost. Suddenly he experiences himself as a little boy. This boy is just about to give his father a piece of paper with a drawing on it.

During the work they found out that the boy won a painting competition with this drawing.

The jurors were very enthusiastic about his work and attested the boy a great talent. They also offered to help him applying to an art university.

Because of all this, the boy was brimming with joy and enthusiasm. Is there really a great artist slumbering in him? He wouldn’t have dared to dream of anything like that.

His parents had no idea about his talents either. How happy they would be if they heard about it!

So he stood beaming and proud in front of his father, told him about the painting competition and the jurors, and handed the paper over to him.

The father listened to the boy in silence, looked at the paper briefly and tore it in two halfs: “I will never allow you to do such a nonsense. You will become a doctor and that’s it,” he shouted.

The boy stood there frozen. In fact, at that very moment his inner child froze. All these feelings, all these hopes and dreams were destroyed in one swoop.

The child’s heart could not express the pain and his mind could not process the information. For the boy it was as if time stood still.

In fact, for part of this young man, for a part of this soul time is still standing still.

The father had not only destroyed his dreams of an career as an artist, he also destroyed the boy´s access to deeper and finer feelings and perceptions.

The effects can now be seen at the age of 40. It was impossible for him to get to know a woman and to love a woman.

All this just because he had lost access to his feminine side, to his creative side.

the inner child

How do we find the inner child and heal it?

In general we call the lost deep feelings and hidden parts of ourselves inner children.

In therapy when we go back in time, we meet them. They are waiting in the dark for someone to come and free them from their prison.

We can interact with them and help them process what happened. This requires a loving adult who takes the child by the hand and whom the child can trust. Only then it can leave the darkness behind and regain confidence in the world and in the people living in it.

In the inner child work we ourselves have to take on the role of the loving adult.

Accompanied by a capable therapist, we embark on the journey into the repressed areas of our soul and free our inner children from their isolation, their hopelessness, their grief, shame and loneliness.

Fulfilled and whole inner children are like bright, shining jewels that give us joy, courage, openness to the world and inspiration.

Therefore it is top priority in human development to protect our children from hatred, violence and dark thoughts.

If we not succeed in this, the smiles on human faces will disappear and the world will sink into a gray cloud of joylessness.

Inner child work has priority.

Work on the “childhood level” is fundamental in therapy and deep coaching.

It is of little use to sifting through countless previous lives in search of cure when the root of evil lies in childhood.

Such detours are often chosen because the client is not prepared to face the “hard facts” of the current life.

I am convinced that no therapy can be successful if it tries to circumvent the obvious traumas of childhood. The injured child in us with its broken integrity will continue it´s influence until we free it from its hopeless situation.

Children are naturally connected to a source of joy and creativity. Anyone who takes the time to study them with an open heart will agree to this.

The clarity and directness of their mind, the innocence of their feelings and their simplicity represent a reservoir of love.

In search for joy and love, more and more people turn towards spiritual practices. They begin to meditate and do retreats in meditation centers and ashrams.

That´s a good thing, and it helps the mind and spirit to relax and introspect. However, none of this can help to liberate a traumatized inner child.

So before we commit ourselves to the high science and art of spirituality, we should be sure that our base is in tact. And our base is our childhood.


Das innere Kind heilen

Trauma at birth and during pregnancy

There are cases in which the connection to the “divine inner child” was cut off before or at birth due to traumatic occurrences.

Reseach in developmental psychology has shown how sensitive an unborn embryo is to its environment.

Our work shows that even conversations or thoughts of parents during pregnancy can be remembered.

A still unborn soul is very aware of whether the expectant mother is looking forward to the child or whether she is playing with thoughts of abortion.

The embryo prepares itself accordingly: In difficult situations he makes himself small and inconspicuous. he doesn´t want to be too burdensome for his parents. In favorable situations he charges himself with strength and self-confidence to make himself and his surroundings proud and happy.

Those people who were not wanted by their mothers, who were not hugged by an overjoyed parent when they were born, are missing something very important:

Trust in the world and in people. A trust that everything is fine and that even in difficult situations someone will always be there and will love you.

With our wonderful inner child work it is possible to regain this basic trust.

Because we can communicate with the soul of this helpless little being.

We can help him to go through this difficult phase unscathed and help him to fully arrive in the here and now.

How extensively this “deep rebirth healing” can change a life has already been proven many times in practice.

Karmic laws and soul plans

If it´s necessary for the healing of the soul, one can look back even further.

Why did I choose these parents? Why did this or that go wrong during pregnancy or childbirth?

If the soul allows, these questions can lead us back to previous lives.

The knowledge from those worlds give us a deeper understanding of our destiny and of the laws of the soulworld.

You can find more about this on the info page past life regression.


Inner child work is an essential part of every therapeutic treatment.

Inner children can be addressed in the mental space even after long time and can be freed from trauma.

This is basic for every profound change without which spiritual approaches remain fruitless.

Communication and healing work is possible even with inner children in infancy or in the womb.

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